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Ecobike e-bike means great quality powered by reasonable prices. Since 15 years we have been offering you the best components, long-lasting batteries and quiet, durable maintenance-free electric motors. Are you interested in a city e-bike, including folding options, trekking or MTB e-bikes? We offer you World-class components, durable maintenance-free motors and long-lasting batteries. Choose Ecobike brand and understand why Ecobike knows about the electric bikes like no other.

Top advantages of e-bikes

Many people ask whether it is worth buying an electric bike or a regular bike. Here are the top benefits of having an e-bike from Ecobike

Save money

Maintaining an electric bicycle is much cheaper than maintaining a car. You spend a lot less money with an e-bike. The cost savings are huge. And you can travel a lot faster! You don't have to register or buy an insurance for your electric bike.

Avoid traffic jams

Forget about being stuck in traffic jam! The overall number of cars is not decreasing, it grows. With an electric bike, you can get to wherever you want - to work, school, friends or shopping!

Get in shape

An electric bike ride is not only pleasant, but also very healthy. An electric bicycle may either support your driving effort or take it over from you completely. Choose the right driving assistance mode, enjoy the fresh air and go outside!

Be eco friendly

It now seems that the future belongs to electric vehicles. We must finally take care of our Planet. By using an electric bicycle, you contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions in your closest area!

Manufactured in Europe

World-class components assembled carefully with love for bicycles in Poland. Based on many years of experience.

Best service ever

The highest quality of workmanship is not everything. You also need professional service and service that will always keep your bike in good shape

Proven to win

Our bikes work in every situation. Traveling through Europe and Asia? Or maybe 14,000 kilometers around the world? Our customers have already done it on Ecobike!

Reasonably priced

Ecobike electric bicycles are an ideal price vs quality ratio. By choosing our e-bikes, we guarantee that you'll be satisfied with a good purchase!

How does an e-bike work?

Electric bike is a great alternative to the traditional bicycle. Electric motor supports effortless driving. Depending on your needs we have different types of e-bikes available for you, including city bikes, trekking or even mountain electric bikes
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