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Returns and complains


Each product ordered at Ecobike shop is covered by a manufacturer's warranty and statutory responsibility of products’ compatibility with an agreement. Mechanical damage or damage casued by inappropriate use of product or its natural wear can not make a subject of complaint. In case of any material/production defect please fill in a complaint form (currently in Polish only).

One signed copy should be attached to a return delivery of a product (together with a proof of purchase and a warranty card - if one was previously issued for the product).

The product sent for inspection has to be clean. A salesman will give his opinion on the complaint in 14 days starting on the day of receiving the delivery.

All return complaints are verified in accordance to the legal standards. The goods have to be delivered at one’s own expense. After accepting a complaint, the goods will be sent back to a customer at shops’ expense.

EcoBike Sp. z o.o.
ul. Wschodnia 12
55-330 Źródła

Deliveries without above-mentioned documents (original receipt/VAT invoice and a complaint form) will be sent back to the sender.


You bought our product but it doesn’t meet your expectations?  No problem! Remember you have 14 days to return your goods. You will get back the worth of the product easily and quick following these points:

  1. Download and print a return declaration (Polish only)
  2. Fill in and sign a printed declaration
  3. Pack a product, declaration and an original receipt
  4. Send all to our address:

EcoBike Sp. z o.o.
ul. Wschodnia 12
55-330 Źródła


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