NEW! Introducing e-bikes for kids: Ecobike Youth White and Blue

  • B2B

110 km

Maximum range

468 Wh

Battery capacity

250 W

Motor power

22.9 kg

Bike weight

Ecobike SX Youth is the kid version of the popular SX series.

Ergonomic and solid construction defined for younger users will be perfect for cycling adventures, and reliable technology will provide young riders with emotions that will take them away from computer games for a long time.

The bike is based on durable frame construction, proven in other models. The battery integrated into the lower frame and the motor in the rear hub provides well weight distribution, which is especially important for young riders.

SX Youth is a heavy machine equipped with proven components, including:
• Shimano® Alivio derailleur with 9 gears
• SunTour® XCM suspension fork
• Alhonga® hydraulic disc brakes
• Shimano® CS-HG200 cassette

The electric system is powered by a powerful and durable Bafang® hub-motor, a strong 468 Wh battery, and it’s manned by an intuitive LCD display offering some of useful functions. Terrain elevations and long distances will no longer stand in the way of forwarding your child's passion for cycling.

Safety is our top priority, and e-bikes for kids come equipped with advanced features to ensure worry-free rides. From sturdy frames and responsive brakes to adjustable speed limits and user-friendly controls, these bikes are designed with utmost care to keep your child secure while having a blast.

The fun doesn't stop there! E-bikes for kids open up a whole new world of family adventures. Plan thrilling excursions, explore nature trails, and create unforgettable memories together. Watch as your child's confidence soars while they master new skills and gain a deep appreciation for the great outdoors.


FHeadset angle (degrees)


ESeat tube angle (degrees)


DWheel base (mm)

1 068

CSeat tube length (mm)


BHead tube (mm)


AEffective top tube length (mm)



Technical specification



14" hydroformed aluminum


SR SunTour XCM travel 100 mm


26" reinforced three-chambered rims, Sapim spokes


26" x 2.1 Rubena Ocelot

Front hub


Rear Hub



Zoom 700 mm 31.8

Handlebar stem

Promax 0 - 40° / 60 mm


Velo VLG-776


Alhonga HJ-HT472 Hydraulic


Shimano Alivio 9 speed


Shimano Altus 9 speed


Shimano CS-HG200-9 11-36T 9 speed




Prowheel Pioneer 152 mm




Velo VL-4457

Seat post

Promax 27.2 / 300 mm

Front lights

not applicable

Rear light

not applicable

Maximum load

125 kg


22.9 kg


Cells brand


Capacity Wh

468 Wh




36 V


80 - 110 km

E-bike system






Rear hub


36 V


45 N.m

Maximum power

540 W


250 W


Lishui WZK0251


20 km/h, unlockable up to 25 km/h


Display model


Display brand


Display type

color LCD

Safety and quality first

Bikes are all about the equipment. Ecobike e-bikes combine reliable technologies from established manufacturers with durable electric motors and long-lasting batteries.

All Ecobike products are manufacured according to strict European Union regulations & standards: EN15194 / EPAC / ISO4210-2

Ecobike e-bike parts: Ananda, Bafang, DAPU, LG, Schwalbe, Shimano, Spaninga, SRAM, SR SunTour, Selle Royale, VELO, Wellgo

E-bikes FAQ

What is the difference between an e-bike and a traditional bicycle?

An electric bike, or e-bike, supports muscle strength and makes it easier to climb hills and travel over longer distances. An electric bike can be a fast and cheap means of transport in the city (electric city bikes, e.g. the Ecobike City series). There are also electric mountain bikes (MTB), trekking, which give a lot of pleasure to ride on any terrain. Ecobike electric bicycles are suitable for everyone. Skills or age don't matter.

How fast can I ride an electric bike?

Electric bicycles reach different speeds, depending on the power and type of motor, as well as the battery. The fastest of them, e.g. Ecobike speed bikes have a maximum speed of about 40 kmph. In accordance with applicable regulations, electric bicycles can travel on public roads at speeds up to 25 km / h. After exceeding this speed, the electric support is turned off and we are dependent on the strength of our muscles. In addition to public roads, you can unlock the maximum speed using the display panel

Is an electric bike heavier than a regular bike? How much does an e-bike weigh?

An average electric bike weighs about 24 kg. Additional kilograms include engine, battery and drive system. The higher weight of the bike is not felt in any way while riding.

How long does it take to charge the electric bicycle battery? Where can i do that?

The electric bicycle battery is charged anywhere that has access to a regular outlet. We can charge it at home, at work, anywhere. It is important to follow the manufacturer's rules set out in the instructions, including use the original charger and do not allow long-term discharge

How often do you need to charge the battery?

The frequency of charging depends on the driving style. Some will charge the battery every day, others every week. If we use the electric bicycle regularly, we charge the battery when it is discharged. Remember to use the original charger and not to drain the battery during extended periods of non-use (e.g. in winter), but to maintain a charge level of approx. 60-80%. Thanks to this, we will significantly extend the battery life

What is the battery life span? How long does the bike battery last?

The analysis shows that the average battery of an electric bicycle retains its original capacity after about 700-800 charging cycles (manufacturers usually indicate a value> 500 cycles). This means that with very intensive use of the electric bicycle all year round, when charging the battery every 2 days, the battery will remain functional for up to 3 years! Importantly, after this time, the battery will continue to work, but may gradually require more frequent cycles and reduced capacity

Electric bicycle and rain or snow

In what atmospheric conditions can you ride an electric bike? The answer to this question is: everybody. Electric bicycles, including their motors and batteries, are specially adapted and secured to serve throughout the year, regardless of the weather.

How to care for an electric bike? Can you fix it yourself?

An electric bicycle requires similar maintenance as a traditional bicycle. To avoid breakdowns and problems, you must regularly clean dirt, dust, mud. Ecobike electric bicycles have already traveled tens of thousands of kilometers without any fault. However, when a malfunction occurs, it is advisable to contact a professional service.


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